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MadBox is a content studio built by a team of directors, cinematographers, producers, writers, editors, motion graphics designers, visual effects artists, colorists, and audio experts who have united under the MadBox badge to provide the best creative work and storytelling services in advertising, motion pictures, and television.

madbox set

Tide 2 Go: “Harry”

McDonald’s: “Paroled”

Here’s the Madbox “What We Do” reel in 140 seconds.

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Chris Williams and Matt West 

MadBox believes in a diverse portfolio that demonstrates the ability to use any cinematic device and method to enhance a story. By focusing on the needs of the creative, MadBox places the team and tools in the right place to bring those images to life.

This award winning comedic directing duo are adept in every aspect of production – ideation, writing, directing, filming, and editing. The two MadBox founders have over twenty-five years of collective directing experience. Matt West was a Cannes Film Festival accepted film school graduate and Chris Williams got his start over 20 years ago both on and off the stage. The directing duo possess a deep knowledge of film technique and a history with performance that lets them put story and character first above gimmicks and gags. Their comedy remains grounded in dialogue and performance. They prefer to bring a classic, but fitting, cinematic language to every project.

Vertical Videos

Once seen as a Snapchat anomaly, is gaining traction and providing publishers and advertisers with another way to win over the ever-growing mobile audience—with some 163.7 million Americans owning smartphones by the end of 2016, and Mobile users last year spent at least 150 minutes per day on vertical screens. MadBox, and our partners, have delivered hundreds of pieces of content for vertical playback on social Media, Instagram, SnapChat, and in store display networks. If you’d like to set up a screening to learn more please email or Learn More:


May the Force Be With You

Stop the Adness

Allstate: “Destination You”

Virginia Lottery:

Virginia Lottery: “The Exchange”

Ally: “Nothing to Yawn About”

Evans Drums: “Beat”

Allstate: Whiteboard “Copay”

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