Revolution Pictures : "The Shallows"

Revolution Pictures recently produced this high concept, out-of-the-box commercial for the Blu-Ray/Digital release of the summer thriller, The Shallows. Check out the spot then go behind the scenes with a look at their production process.

Lava Studio

Featured Company

Lava Studio: Intentional Talk

This richly detailed, Emmy nominated CGI masterpiece shows why Lava Studio has developed a reputation for great original sports design. * Winner of two Promax/BDA Awards

Dina Mande-Director

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DINA MANDE is a multidimensional director, editor and producer who lives to discover energetic visual stories that connect heart and mind.

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Dog’s Best Day: “Bretagne”

From developing a concept, planning a production, providing the best crews, to editing and animation — it is the One Glass policy to take a direct and personal approach to every project.

Idaho Potato

Director David Blood takes a journey as a truck crosses the country with some fun loving kids and a giant potato.

Sound Design & Mix

Our assignment was to come up with new audio branding so we adapted and re-jiggered, using the four notes in darker tones.

MLB: “Gladiators”

Lava created this cinematic promo for MLB Network’s live games by shooting MLB superstars on green screen and then placing them in an ornately rendered coliseum constructed by our masterful CGI architects

Web Video Production: On Budget – Invisalign

Bringing Invisalign’s vision to life was a challenge because they had a workable but limited budget compromised by the need for a quick turnaround. All pre-production, from creative development through casting and location, had to be complete in 10 days.

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Revolution produced this high concept, out-of-the-box commercial for the Blu-Ray/Digital release of The Shallows.

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Dina Mande

Featured Director - Dina Mande

What separates most directors from truly great directors are the leadership qualities and vision they possess. Present in the moment, I give every ounce of energy and creativity to what's in front of the camera.