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video content solutions - concept through completion

Live Action

Comedy, LifeStyle, Dialogue, Real-People, Tabletop, Testimonial, Healthcare


Animation, Design, Vfx, Compositing, Editing, Finishing, Music, Sound Design

Content Solutions

Full service companies that will package a series of video productions.


Revolution Pictures puts the needs of the clients first, delivers beyond what is promised by telling stunning visual stories and treating everyone with respect from the top tier down. Through powerful storytelling, they transform the way artists and brands connect with their audiences.

MadBox is a full service content studio built by a team of talented artists from designers to directors including a full suite of post-production all under the MadBox badge. They offer a diverse portfolio that demonstrates the ability to use any cinematic device and method to enhance a story.

THEM Media Inc. is a multi-disciplinary integrated media company producing content for television networks, advertising agencies, film studios and record labels. THEM was founded by EP Tony Harding in 2006 as a production company set to address the changes, challenges and overlaps in the advertising arena, television programming and new media landscapes.

ODDMACHINE  A content creation company unlike any other. Powered by the intrinsic creativity of our artists and their deep seeded need to tell stories that resonate beyond the screen. 

Schorem “The Scumbags of Rotterdam”A short documentary directed by Seth Henrikson, edited by Alex Vinje and Chris Shegich, produced by Alec Pinkston.

Caravan is a full-service production agency based out of Charlotte, North Carolina focused on commercial and docustyle work. They love stories that move people, and their passion is bringing those stories to life. Caravan approaches each project with that passion, from the first idea through the final cut.

Mixology Post is a creative audio company that helps brands define their image through sound and music. Specializing in music curation and composition, voice casting and recording, sound designing and mixing, Mixology handles all aspect of audio post production.


* OJ, Made In America

The String Theory

“OJ, Made In America” took the Oscar at the 89th Academy Awards in the category of Best Documentary Feature! The String Theory spent many months developing the identity package, design and branding  and internal graphics for the groundbreaking cinematic achievement.

* Corona: Eclipse

Revolution Pictures – Director Sean Dave

It was a once in a century event. Watch what happened when people coast to coast raised a Corona to the corona. | New work from Revolution Pictures and director Sean Davé. Revolution Pictures/Nashville specializes in disruptive creativity and a people first mentality

“Pangea brings together a world of talent under one roof from concept through completion. We provide video content solutions for any size project “

– Stu Sternbach, President

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